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Fate of Nations / Notes From Underground

Eminence Front (It's A Put-On!)

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Verbal Gematria
28 April 1980
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I am me as you are me as you are we as we are all together.

Walt Whitman, Hunter S. Thompson, & Lester Bangs reincarnate. Or something like that. Also Kings Arthur and Solomon.

We got the beat.

Need more information? Ask. "Knowledge is good."


93 93/93

1, 1776, 1933, 1945, 1980, 1989, 2001, 25, 27, 3, 33, 56, 7, 9/11, abraham lincoln, aeiou, aleister crowley, america, american english, andrew jackson, andy warhol, anglojudeoafricanamericana, austria, automobiles, balance, barack obama, bastards of young, beer, benjamin disraeli, berlin, bread, broadcasting, c-span, charlie chaplin, chess, coffee, cornwall, creem, doc martens, dogs, doofus savantism, eddie hazel, elvis presley, fighting terrorism, franklin delano roosevelt, free verse, garlic, gene wilder, geneva illinois, geoffrey fieger, george carlin, germany, grammar, gravity, greil marcus, guitar, h. p. lovecraft, headphones, history, homer j. simpson, hundred horsepower brains, hunter s. thompson, ice water, iose-e-mose-en-aegyptaoux, jeopardy!, jesse ventura, john f. kennedy, jonathan richman, joseph stalin, judaica, karl marx, keith moon, ken burns, keyboards, laurel and hardy, led zeppelin, lester bangs, liberty, lou reed, love, magnets, martin luther king, me, meher baba, mel brooks, men and women, music, new york, news, ohio wesleyan university, oscar the grouch, owls, p.j. o'rourke, peter townshend, petfinder, phi alpha theta, philosophy, pink floyd, planets, political economy, politics, punk, reading, reading between the lines, realpolitik, rhythms of history, roads, robert johnson, rock and roll, rock opera, sam phillips, savannah georgia, sepia, solitaire, southfield michigan, stairway to heaven, stanley kubrick, sun records, superman, synthesis, talmudic logic, the beatles, the dictators, the marx brothers, the modern lovers, the monkees, the sex pistols, the simpsons, the space time continuum, the ultimate chord, the velvet underground, the who, the wizard of oz, thomas pynchon, trench warfare, tybee island, union, walt whitman, war & peace, washington dc, wayne's world, western civilization, william jennings bryan, wine, winston churchill, words, wrif, writing, yoga, you.

Social capital

  • less than 10